How to sync your Conveyor projects with Beanstalk

If you’ve used Beanstalk for years and would like to use the deployment tools it offers, you can sync your Conveyor projects with your repos in Beanstalk. Follow the steps here to set that up.
Browse to the Settings page for the desired project in the Conveyor web app and click on the Git Syncing tab.
Click the Set up syncing button.
Add the SSH URL for your Beanstalk repo. And that’s it.
The next time you view the Conveyor desktop client, you should see a message instructing you to add the required SSH public key to Beanstalk. Copy the key and add it to your user profile in Beanstalk.

Once that is in place, Conveyor will sync all changes made in Conveyor or Beanstalk to both services.

Note: These steps are required for all users in your Conveyor workspace.