How to set up GitHub sync

Enabling GitHub sync for a project in Conveyor will allow you to keep your tasks and commits in sync in both Conveyor & GitHub. You have a couple of options to set this up.

Have an existing repo on GitHub?
You can import this directly into Conveyor. Click the Add project button in Conveyor and use the option to import from GitHub.
Have a project in Conveyor you’d like to sync?
You can set up the syncing from your project settings in Conveyor. Browse to Settings > Git Syncing and click the Connect to GitHub button
Note: in this scenario, the repo has to exist in GitHub. If you’re starting from scratch, create the repo in GitHub before taking this step.
In both scenarios, you’ll have to log in to your GitHub account and authorize Conveyor to access your repos.
From there, you can choose the repo you want to import or set up syncing for the first time
That's it. Reach out if you have any questions!