How to set up GitHub sync

Enabling GitHub sync for a project in Conveyor will allow you to keep your tasks and commits in sync in both Conveyor & GitHub. To set up this integration, follow these steps: 

  1. First, identify which scenario applies to you and take the related action:
    1. Do you have an existing project on GitHub that you’d like to start working on in Conveyor? Then create a blank project in Conveyor. 
    2. Do you have an existing project on Conveyor that you’d like to start syncing with GitHub? Then create an empty repository on GitHub.
    3. Do you have the older experimental GitHub sync setup? Then head straight to step 2.
  2. Using Conveyor Web, go to the project Settings and click the Integration tab.
  3. Click the button Connect to GitHub.
  4. Sign in to GitHub and authorize Conveyor to access your GitHub account.
  5. Finally, select the GitHub repository from the list and click Enable Syncing. 
That’s it.
Now when anybody in your workspace opens the project in the desktop client, Conveyor will recognize that sync is enabled and add a deployment key to GitHub. Interested in trying this out?  Reach out to our team and we'll enable this option for your account.