Does Conveyor fit into my existing workflow?

We designed Conveyor as a standalone service that exists as three parts: a desktop client, a Git hosting service, and a web app. However, it is flexible enough to work with your current tools as well.
On your computer
If you love to use the command line or a Git client like Tower, Conveyor can work with the same repos and show all activity completed in those applications. As well, all changes are made in your favorite text editor, not in Conveyor itself.
With your Git host
Conveyor automatically syncs all changes in your project to our hosting service and to all members of your workspace. However, it can also sync your changes with an external host (GitHub, Bitbucket, or Beanstalk). If you depend on deployment or CI services, Conveyor can fit nicely with your current workflow.
How do I set this up?
Since a Conveyor project runs on a regular Git repo, you can add remotes to the repo and manually push changes. Also, Conveyor’s import process allows you to also work with an existing repo as it is

We’re also working with a more robust option that syncs all changes from an external host (e.g. All changes made in Conveyor or to a GitHub repo from a non-Conveyor user). Reach out if you’re interested in testing that options.