Conveyor Glossary

See something in Conveyor you're not sure of? The list of terms below can help. Something missing from this list? Let us know!
  • Agenda: a view of the tasks that matter most to you across a workspace
  • Assigned to: indicates the team member who is primarily responsible for a task
  • Backlog: a list of tasks that your team may need to complete to ship your project, but have not yet been scheduled or started. This is the default destination for new tasks.
  • Bugfix: a task to fix a problem in your product or project.
  • Changed files: a list of files in a task that have been changed since the previous commit
  • Comment: thoughts shared by a team member of a workspace to a specific task or commit in a specific project
  • Commit: saves the current state of a task’s contents
  • Conflict: merge conflicts can occur when you merge branches that have competing commits. Conveyor needs your help to decide which changes to keep
  • Conflict resolution: the process of choosing which version of a conflicted file to keep
  • Contributor: a person who has made changes to the files involved in a project or task
  • Current: the task that is currently being worked on
  • Description: a high-level summary of a task
  • Discard: tells Conveyor to remove all current changes that have not been committed in a task
  • Deployment source: The location where Conveyor deploys from. Either Stable which deploys from the Stable branch, or Tasks, which deploys from any unfinished tasks.
  • Deployment states: successful, in progress, and failed
  • Editor: an application on your computer you use to make changes to the files in your project
  • Feature: a task to add functionality to your product or client project
  • Finish Task: the option to mark a task as complete and move it to Stable
  • Finished: a list of completed tasks for a specific project
  • Follower: someone who has subscribed to a task to receive update notifications (commenting on a task will also result in becoming a follower)
  • For You: a list of tasks assigned to you for a specific project, categorized 
  • Ignore: tell Conveyor to stop tracking one or more files or folders
  • Improvement: a task to improve the quality of the code for your product or project. It does not change how the product or project works(aka refactoring)
  • In Progress:  what your team is working on. Unlike other stages this is automatic and tasks get moved here as soon as you start working on them.
  • Overview: a view of the history & current state of a task
  • People: the persons who have been invited to a workspace
  • Project: a product or client project you want to build and ship. Projects are associated with a specific workspace and made up of one or more tasks
  • Rejected: a list of tasks that have been rejected for various reasons. When a task is rejected, it cannot be assigned to a person
  • Revert: reverses the changes made in a previous commit. This results in a new commit that takes changes from an existing commit and restores the related files & folders to their previous state.
  • Rollback: a rollback will convert a Finished Task to In Progress once more and remove its changes from Stable
  • Settings: all the options available for both projects and workspaces
  • Stable: the production-ready version of a project, comprised of all previously completed tasks
  • Stale: a state of a task that has been started, but has not had any activity for[xamount of time]
  • Started: tasks that have involved one or more changes to the project contents
  • Stashed changes: a list of changed files that you have no committed
  • Switch to Task: allows you to switch the task you're currently working on. This sets the desired task as Current and may alter the contents of the project directory
  • Tag: keywords that you can add to a task for easier sorting and searching. Tags allow you to categorize tasks beyond just their type
  • Task: a way to organize a related group of changes for your project. A task can be a feature, a bug fix, or an improvement. Tasks in Conveyor are powered by Git branches.
  • Team: all the people invited to a workspace
  • Team is working on: a list of all the tasks where someone has made a commit
  • Timeline: a list of the changes and actives for a Conveyor project.
  • Target: The location where Conveyor is deploying to. 
  • Uncommitted: a list of files that you changed, but did not commit yet.
  • Up Next: a current iteration or release that was deliberately planned by a team or a project manager.
  • What’s new: a view of all open tasks for a project sorted by the most recent activity
  • Workflow: the steps involved to start and finish a Task
  • Workspace: a place for storing related projects. Workspaces are for individuals or shared amongst a team.
  • Your agenda: a list of all the open tasks for each project that you have worked on in your workspace
  • Your activity: a list of all the changes you have made