What are the differences between the web app and the desktop app?

After running Beanstalk for 10 years, we wanted to provide a better overall experience. The best way to do that was to combine a desktop app with a fantastic Git host & web application. We think of it as two sides of one coin.
The desktop client (currently available for macOS only) helps to keep you in the zone and focused on your code. It handles a lot of the low-level Git operations for you while providing a great, standards-based workflow.
The web app provides an overview of your projects. Team leads and non-technical team members can keep on top of progress for all your projects, but without having to ask for a status update. Your work in the client provides that information automatically.
What can you do with each?
Both sides of Conveyor support almost all of Conveyor’s functionality. However, there are a couple of exceptions:
  • You can only create workspaces in the web app
  • You can only set up integrations in the web app
  • You can only access your files and make commits in the desktop client