What makes Conveyor different from a Git Client?

With the usual Git hosting services, you need to use a third party client or the command line. Conveyor is different. It’s a Git hosting service that comes with a macOS client that takes care of the details of Git for you. Conveyor uses a task-based workflow layered on top of Git and handles Git commands for you (e.g., pushing and pulling).

This all means the client simplifies and automates work with Git repositories. From the client, you can commit changes, start and finish tasks, resolve conflicts, and open your favorite text editor to edit code.

Conveyor’s approach lets you do things with Git that in past were very complicated. For example, rolling back a merge or reverting a commit is as simple as a click of a button. You’ll find that Conveyor gives you the benefits of Git, without needing a Git expert on your team for those tricky situations.