What does Conveyor not support at this time?

First of all, Conveyor is a hosted version control service with a Git client (currently available macOS for only). It does not work with existing Subversion repos.
There are other features that we want to introduce to Conveyor but haven’t yet. They are: 
  • Deployments (Let us know what you’d like to see in this space)
  • Archiving projects
  • Deleting tasks
  • Creating sub-tasks
  • Rejected tasks cannot be reopened
  • An account-wide activity page
  • Submodules support
  • More granular user permissions
  • Viewing your source code in the web app
There are a few known issues with Conveyor, but we’re working to resolve these. They are:
  • Workflows with a pre-commit hook can cause Conveyor not to function correctly