What should I do if Conveyor crashes?

First, we're so sorry you've run into a problem. But we'd love to get this fixed!

The most important thing to do is get us the resources from your computer. There are a couple of ways to send details to our team. These options are all available in the Develop menu in the macOS client. From there, you can choose one of the following:

  • Open Logs… This will open the Console application in macOS. You can then use the Reveal button to share the specific log file with our team.
  • Pack Debug Snapshot… This will generate a file located with your profile’s home folder in macOS. It can take a few moments to complete, but Conveyor will provide a notification when it is complete (see here). You can send us the file and associated password.
  • Export State To A JSON File… This will display a dialogue where you can choose where to save the resulting JSON file (see here). You can send us this file.
Which one is best? Of course, you can contact our team via Slack or email and we’ll direct about which option makes the most sense.